Sunday, October 17, 2010

Stay Free

SONG OF THE DAY: The Clash - Stay Free

Herro all and welcome to my blog post.  This is my first post so I'm just gonna keep it simple, but I hope to be updating it daily so keep checking back.  I will mostly be reviewing punk rock and folk punk albums, also some other genres of music if I feel like it, as well as giving info on some of these bands so that more people can get to know the music and see if they like it.

Like you can see at the start of this post, I'm gonna link a song each time I post, a song that is tickling me in a good way at the time.  Today it's The Clash with "Stay Free" because it's a dope song about friendship that also reminds us all to stay free (which is important).  Also, the bass line at the end.

In the future I might also force my opinion upon you about things like movies, books, boxing, soccer, vids and any other things that I find are awesome in life...

Stay free,