Monday, October 18, 2010

Y'all Ain't Ready to Brawl Until Vin's Gone

SONG OF THE DAY: Vinnie Paz - End of Days

Here's my second post, but I'm not gonna review an album today because I'm too fucking tired.

I'm a huge Jedi Mind Tricks fan and today at work somebody told me that Vinnie Paz had released a new album so I checked it out and it's pretty dope; the album has been out since June so I dunno why I'm just hearing about it now.  It's still the same old angry Vinnie we've all come to know and love but the lyrics are a bit better than some of his old gay bashing stuff like "I think the gay rights movement should meet you and then invest in you": super lame.  This song features a sample from a presentation by David Icke called "Beyond the Cutting Edge", something I suggest everyone to check out with an open mind.  Here's the link.. don't let the length turn you away haha.

That's all I've got time for today, but thanks for the comments, I'm glad some people are clicking by ;) and hopefully following.  Later today I'm going to my first boxing session so I'll leave you guys with the amazing words of Mike Tyson, the greatest boxer and comedian of all time.


  1. Was that your autoplay that was fucking me up?
    Yes turn this wack ass shit off you messed up my whole swag today

    and you have captcha ur whole shit sucks

  2. u see that new tyson docu? quality shit