Sunday, November 7, 2010

South Park Mysticism

SONG OF THE DAY: Defiance, Ohio - I Don't Want Solidarity If It Means Holding Hands With You

This song by Defiance, Ohio must be read with lyrics to be fully enjoyed:

let’s stop this talk of privilage because the songs that we sing are as much
a product of our privilage as
the clothes on my back and the phone call i made
to my mom last night.
let’s stop this talk of action because action comes easy
it’s the moments just before that are hard,
when i’ve got to get my voice and
my fist on the same page as my heart.
let’s stop this talk of them because the
things we find deplorable in politicians, ceos and cops
are the same things
that will tear ourselves apart.
and let’s stop this talk of words because words
like dishonesty selfishness and greed aren’t as distance to us as we’d like
to believe.
so please, the next time you’re smashing the state, don’t go breaking my heart.
because i know
that when we pick up the pieces, the only thing left will be
the same empty rubble that’s
made up every revolution that i’ve ever known
to make me believe and lose faith in humanity
in the same empty breath of hot air.
they say that the beauty’s in the streets.
but when i look around, it seems
more like defeat.
i’m afraid that this fight that we’re all caught up in will
make us the same as that which we oppose.
so please, the next time you’re smashing the state, don’t go breaking my heart.
but i know that we can pick up the pieces and build something new, something
that’s not like every revolution that i’ve ever known
that can make
me believe and have faith in humanity
and we’ll all breath a breath of fresh

Got this from the band's official site, check 'er out!!
Lots of news and pretty much all their lyrics as well as a free stream of the new album "Midwestern Minutes".


I've been getting into a little bit of self-criticism, self-improvement, thinking and all that other good for the soul shit and I stumbled across something today.  The animators and creators responsible for South Park, Trey Parker and Matt Stone teamed up to create three flash videos to accompany some of the English Philosopher Alan Watts' speeches on Zen, music and how stupid the school system is.  They're pretty short, but clever and full of wisdom; you can check them out at the Cold Hard Flash website. 

Alan Watts was heavy into like Lao Tzu and other Eastern thinkers, and he helped bring these ideas to the attention of the Western world; he has a website at  Also, a user on YouTube by the name of PrometheanReach has lots of audio clips turned into videos for our free viewing pleasure if you liked what you saw on the Parker and Stone animations and want to learn more without buying ridiculously priced MP3s from Watts' website.  $175 is a bit much for 6 CDs...

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